Dear Massage Therapy Clients,

As you know, the staff at Massage Therapy Clinic believe our clients are like family.  And like you, during these past few weeks we’ve been focused on doing all the things we need to do to keep our family healthy. 

Massage Therapy Clinic is taking the extra steps necessary to be proactive in addressing the risks and prevention of the Coronavirus on top of our already strict sanitary policies to protect both our staff and clients as much as possible. We’re following guidance from federal, state and local agencies, including the CDC and other health organizations to ensure we do all we can to continue to provide a safe and healthy environment.  Sanitation will occur in the common spaces following each client’s movement throughout the spa.  In addition, every surface in each room will be thoroughly cleaned before each new treatment. This includes, but is not limited to; face cradles, doorknobs and tables.

The common symptoms for the Coronavirus are: Fever, sore throat, dry cough and shortness of breath. Since these tend to be mild symptoms in most common cases, it can be tricky to control and easy to ignore.  However, in the best interest of protecting clients and staff we will be more cautious and stricter than normal about sending clients and staff home.  We in turn will be more lenient as well with our cancellation policy.  We ask clients to give us as much notice as possible to cancel appointments, in hopes to fill our staff members' schedule, but we do understand if you do not feel well and we encourage you stay home.  Please feel free to cancel with no pressure of being charged at this time.

Thank you for being a loyal client and part of our family here at MTC.  You can always count on us to keep your health and wellness at the top of our priority list. 

Kindest regards,
Michelle & Jeff Johnson,
Massage Therapy Clinic Owners

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