Welcome to Massage Therapy Clinic:


The quality of our services is always a priority and we strive to ensure our staff meets or exceeds your expectations with every visit.  Listed below are some suggestions for your participation which have been proven to create a successful experience for our clients. 


Scheduling:  Our Office Staff are your advocate in assisting with the type of service you require and they guide our therapists to better serve you.  Be sure to communicate with them ahead of time.


Arrival:  Arrive 10 minutes prior and drink a glass of water, it hydrates and increases the conduction of electrical currents in the brain which signals the muscles to relax. 


Before Session:  This is your treatment, help us to customize it.  Be specific regarding the results you desire:  preferred pressure, the areas of focus, the areas to avoid and maybe less talking or interaction during your treatment helps you relax more.  Our therapists appreciate and welcome your instruction.


During Session:  Relaxing, sleeping or talking is all up to you.  Give your therapist a chance to service you better by informing them of any past or recent health concerns, along with your specific needs or any discomfort throughout the session.


After Session:  Before your therapist leaves the room is the best time to ask any questions or address concerns you may have.  They are your personal therapist; so your health and satisfaction of the techniques used is their highest priority. 


Our Guarantee:  Customer satisfaction is most important to us - we offer a 100% guarantee for all of our services.  Our program guarantees that each therapist will check in with you after the first ten minutes of your massage or facial.  Please communicate with our therapist your wishes and expectations prior to this ten minute mark - if you are not satisfied by this time, there is no obligation and NO hard feelings.   We will attempt to do our best to book you with another therapist until you are satisfied.  We work with all clients to establish better health & wellness.  We offer many different styles and types of massage to achieve the most desired results for the most important person of all - YOU! 


Enjoy your visit with us today and rest assured we look forward to assisting you reach your long-term health goals or just providing you the opportunity to relax. 


  Jeff & Michelle